Animated Stock Car - Christmas NP&S® with Reindeer

Large Scale Animated Stock Car - Christmas NP&S® with Reindeer. Enjoy the animated action as four animal heads peek in and out of the windows of the Bachmann Animated Stock Car as it moves across your railroad! Stock Cars, also known as Cattle Cars, are a type of rolling stock used to transport livestock and larger animals between farms and other destinations. They were a common sight on railroads across North America from the late 1800s right up until the mid-1950s when trucking became more economical. The Bachmann Animated Stock Car rekindles the heyday of these fascinating railcars with a selection of attractive and authentic paint schemes, featuring fully painted animal cargo including cows, horses, and reindeer!

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  • Model: 98709
  • UPC: 022899987095
  • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
  • Scale: Large – Runs on 45mm Track
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Recommended Age

This Product is Recommended for Ages 14 & Up.