85ft Smooth-Sided Observation - Baltimore & Ohio®

In the 1930s, new construction techniques allowed for the development of modern, lightweight passenger cars, departing from the heavy riveted steel or wooden-bodied designs found in previous decades. Materials such as stainless steel and aluminum reduced the overall weight of each car, making them more economical to construct and operate while allowing for ease of maintenance, a smoother ride, and improved durability over time. The smooth-side style was adopted by many railroads across North America for their high-priority streamlined express trains, lasting in common service until the mid-1970s. Today, smooth-side cars are frequently found on excursion trains, while some examples remain in revenue operation as commuter cars or corporate business cars.

  • Model: 14353
  • UPC: 022899143538
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
  • Scale: N 1:160
Product Safety

Recommended Age

This Product is Recommended for Ages 14 & Up.

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Features Include

  • Authentic ACF passenger car design
  • Fully furnished interior with LED lighting
  • Detailed, painted bodies with precision graphics
  • Transparent, tinted windows
  • Body-mounted, magnetically operated E-Z Mate® Mark II coupler on vestibule end
  • Non-operating scale coupler on observation end
  • Detailed truck sideframes
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Performs best on 12.5" radius curves or greater
  • Product Measurements: L 6 in., W 0.75 in., H 1 in.
  • Retail Package Measurements: L 8.8 in., W 1.3 in., H 2.5 in.