4-4-0 American - Central Pacific "Jupiter" (with wood load)

From moving troops and supplies in a divided nation to definitively uniting the country in steel at Promontory, it’s little wonder that the 4-4-0 is known simply as the “American.” Larger than its predecessors and powerful enough to transform the railroad into an essential transcontinental system, the 4-4-0 was further immortalized in later years as a star in countless Western movies. To this day, its classic appearance and opulent decoration evoke the adventurous spirit of the Old West and the pioneering determination of a nation in its youth. This 4-4-0 American model represents the Central Pacific "Jupiter" which made history as one of two locomotives to meet at the Golden Spike ceremony for the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, in 1869. 



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  • Model: 51003
  • UPC: 022899510033
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
  • Scale: HO 1:87
DCC Ready with 8 Pin Plug HO
Product Safety

Recommended Age

This Product is Recommended for Ages 14 & Up.

Features Include

  • Classic period design
  • Analog operation with direct current power and speed controller
  • Factory-installed NMRA 8-pin socket for the decoder installation of your choice
  • Precision motor
  • Separately applied metal handrails and sand lines
  • Locomotive-specific details include stack, domes, bell, whistle, and tender trucks
  • Wood or coal load per prototype
  • Detailed cab interior with clear windows
  • Die-cast chassis
  • Completely hidden drivetrain
  • See-through frame
  • Highly detailed painted bodies with precision graphics
  • )perating warm-glowing LED headlight
  • Metal side rods
  • Operating drive wheels with die-cast finescale spokes
  • Blackened metal wheels with RP25 contours
  • Magnetically operated E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers on the front and rear
  • Performs best on 15” radius curves or better
  • Product Measurements: L 7.5 in., W 1.25 in., H 2 in.
  • Retail Package Measurements: L 10 in., W 1.8 in., H 3.5 in.