Philadelphia - Birney Streetcar - DCC (HO Scale)


These small, light, steel streetcars were designed for one man operation, which made them a boon to labor strapped cities during World War I and economical to operate during the Great Depression. Originally called “Safety Cars” to emphasize that they were safe to ride, even without a conductor, they are better known as “Birneys” after their co-designer, Charles O. Birney.

Features include:
• DCC-equipped for speed, direction, and lighting
• designed for aftermarket sound system installation
• dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder with 8-pin plug
• two-position switch (underside of car) for choice of overhead wire or track pickup
• precision can motor
• finescale gearing for slow-speed operation
• working trolley poles
• all-wheel drive
• detailed painted interior
• LED lighting

This model performs best on 15" radius curves or greater..


Recommended for ages 14 years old & up.

Sold Out
  • Model: 80201
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Scale: HO 1:87

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